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How it all began...
I've jogged by that old house with the overgrown yard many times without thinking twice about it. This time I had an odd feeling about this old long ago abandoned place.

The yard was filled with unfamiliar plants. Vines and moss grew up the house and had broken in through the glass less windows. It looked as if the plants were at war with the house like they wanted to tear that old place down.

Swarms of tiny fast insects buzzed around the place. They were much to fast to catch or get a real good look at. They seemed unlike any insect I've seen though I'm not sure why. Some part of my mind wanted to go on with my jog but I just couldn't focus on jogging. I felt there was some secret here at this old place just wanting to be revealed.

My eyes fixed on the old stone fence going down the side of the yard. This bueatiful aged fence was trimmed at the top with tiny print it was to small for me to read. The color was grey with a tint of a glimmering rust color. It was unlike anything I've seen before. Strangely this fence always seemed the regular grey everytime I've jogged past it until now. While I was over looking this fence I saw a paculiar beetle land on the fence. This beetle was a metallic orange color. I've not seen any beetles with that color in the avenues I brought my head closer to get a better look. I saw something startleing. This beetle had a human FACE!!